Tillamook Cheese
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Pretzel & Beer Cheese Recipe

& some additional fun Tillamook things!

Tillamook is a family owned business that is over 100 years old, located on the West Coast - more specifically Oregon. They have an incredible cheddar cheese, whose recipe has remained the same for a century… thats an old funky recipe!

Over the past week I indulged in dairy galore, between the cheddar slices perfect for my late night grilled cheese fetish, or the organic ice creams - like the organic strawberry with REAL LIFE pieces of strawberries!

A few lucky DMV bloggers and I had the chance to eat our body weight in creative twists on classic dishes highlighting the Tillamook cheeses at one of my favorite restaurants, The Food Market - created by Chef Chad Gauss. For those lucky readers located in the Baltimore area, you have a whole week of this special menu available to you at The Food Market July 28th-August 2nd including the amazing Pretzel & Beer Cheese recipe below!

Chef Recipe: Beer Cheese Fondue

(The Food Market normally serves with their House Made Amish Soft Pretzels)


  • 8 oz. Tillamook medium cheddar, shredded

  • 8 oz. heavy cream

  • 4 oz. beer, Natty Boh

How to:

  • Shred the cheese. Reserve.

  • In a sauce pan, bring the heavy cream and beer to a boil. Whisk in the cheese until smooth. (Be sure to keep an

  • eye on the cream because it can over boil.)

Check out Tillamook and their delicious cheese products in a grocery store near you, by clicking here!