Skin Care (Morning, Noon, & Night)

Skin Care (Morning, Noon, & Night)
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My Daily Skin Care

*Taken while waiting for my oils to soak into my face*

Based on the many questions, messages, & comments I’ve received about my face, hair and daily routines I was asked to write up my personal routine by many of you! 

So, first and foremost everyones journey is different with EVERYTHING in life - so this is no different. Everyones skin is either dry, oily, combination, or sensitive - the list is endless! This is MY journey through my skincare, haircare, and every other care over the last ~10 years. I will give you my tips, tricks and favorite brands that I, personally, swear by (for MY body!)

Background on my journey: 

Although I have been healthy and have always ingested & used organic and chemical free food, cosmetics, & accessories; my journey into mind, body, wellness began during college.

I began using coconut oil as face & body moisturizer at night because my skin was losing its glow (the combination of endless nights of studying, no sleep, and the “entertainment” of being in college definitely didn’t help) and initially my face did not like the heavy oils, but eventually it became accustomed to it and my skin cleared up, my glow was back, and my face never felt tight and uncomfortable. You can ask my college roommates about how many jars of coconut oil we had around the, shower, bathroom cabinet etc.!  I never enjoyed using chemical serums on my face, my face always felt tight or dry after & I realized I needed a moisturizer that sunk deeper into my skin! 

Since then I’ve spent over four years trying to find the perfect combination of oils that satisfy my skin and make me feel comfortable.  After Coconut Oil I used Almond Oil, I then began using Chia Seed oil and now I am using a combination of oils! 

(See all of these brands pictured below my routine!)

Morning Routine:

  • I usually splash cold water on my face - or fill a bowl with cold water and some ice cubes and hold my face in the bowl submerged for 10 second increments about three or four times
    • See what people have to say here and here about the previous method of how to get that "glow"
  • I dry most of my face off, while leaving it a bit moist (hahaha that word) 
  • I usually spray a toner, such as CocoKind Rose Water Toner and pat it into my face
  • While its still moist I use CocoKind Facial Serum (Or CocoKind Chia Seed) in combination with Franklin & Whit Walnut Oil and massage it into every bit of my face and décolletage
  • Once the oils have soaked in (roughly 5 minutes), I top it off with Mad Hippie Daily Moisturizer, or Juice Beauty Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30
  • If I decide to wear makeup that day (not a daily occurrence) check my makeup routine in a separate blog post coming soon!

Afternoon Routine:

  • If I feel dry I will pat some Mad Hippie Moisturizer into my skin to reduce any tightness I feel
  • If I've had a midday workout ill spray some rose water tonic on my face and pat it in

Nighttime Routine:

  • Wash face with Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleaner (this lasts FOREVER)
  • Use toner pads or spray once face is dry
  • Use Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum all over face and décolletage 
  • Once that has soaked in for a minute I will use CocoKind Facial Serum in combination with Franklin & Whit Walnut Oil and massage it into every bit of my face and décolletage
  • Overtop of those oils, I use Cocokind Matcha Mask for that nighttime moisture to seal everything in!

Weekly Add ons: Everything is once a week or as needed

Brands I mentioned:


*Always consult a doctor before switching up your daily routine - these are things that work for ME - everyone is different!*