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11 Travel Tips for Anxiety

anastasia keramidas
11 Travel Tips for Anxiety

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Travel Tips for Anxiety

I took my first flight at the age of 6 months old to Greece, and since then i've been on a plane twice a year at the very least. Travel is a part of my life, my family lives 3,000 miles away, not to mention I love exploring our beautiful world. 

But heres the kicker, I have serious travel anxiety. Panic attacks, self sabotage, anger, forgetfulness, you name it i've experienced it. Everyone is different, but here are some tips that work for me when I feel that bubble in my stomach and chest starting to inflate. 

Tips for Travel Anxiety:

1. Deep breathes - seems simple but my mom always told me to take three deep breathes before reacting when I was feeling emotional and it works (when i remember hehe)

2. Bring something that comforts you, a teddy bear? Crystal? Blanket? Something that offers you comfort when you need to hold on to something physical

3. Essential oils - I carry one in every purse (not kidding ask my friends) it helps my whole body relax and helps clear my brain

4. Stretch your body - helps when you're tense to loosen you up and release endorphins 

5. Journal - write down the feelings you're experiencing, reading them later might make you giggle at how irrational you’re being, but in the moment it helps relieve anxiety

6. Adaptogens - I bring Reishi on flights with me to calm my nerves, mix it into my in flight tea and it helps sooth my body 

7. Make a musical playlist or bring a book to help distract you from your thoughts

8. Make a list - Making a list of what I need to bring and pack has helped me immensely with my anxiety of forgetting my passport (which happened once, AND I had an expired license but luckily I got through security smoothly)

9. Hydrate - drink your body weight in water (don’t actually, i’m being dramatic) but seriously drink as much water as you can because flying causes your body to become extremely dehydrated which, for me, causes an uneasy weak feeling

10. Dress comfortably - wear something that’ll let you move and breathe

11. Close your eyes and picture yourself at your destination - it always helps me to calm down when I can visualize myself physically at the location i’m traveling to

These little tips always help me when I'm feeling uncomfortable and I hope they help you find what your Travel Anxiety tips are!