How to (Try) to be a Morning Person

How to (Try) to be a Morning Person

Until recently I was never a morning person, and let’s be totally honest here, i’m working RLY hard to be one but I had to make a few changes to jump into the spirit.

1. Snuggle with my puppy for an extra five minutes I set an alarm because he always distracts me when im rushing out, and he deserves all the lovings

2. Go to the gym, or put on Kate Hurley to stretch/workout/meditate in the morning to clear my body and mind. I wake up with a foggy head frequently and this helps me SO much for the day!

3. Dry brush my skin & moisturize or take a cold shower and moisturize (both wake you up, but it depends on your timing)

3. Matcha time! I LOVE making my Matcha every morning, it signifies the beginning of a get shit done day, I usually add Further Food Collagen & Sun Potion adaptogens to get that extra boost!

4. Play your favorite tune and dance around while getting ready for the day, trust me it puts you in a better mood even if you wanna be grumpy (guilty of that sometimes)

5. Charge your phone outside of your room, or on an opposite side so when your alarm goes off in the morning you are forced to get up!

6. Make a list of three things you want to accomplish today, it can be going on a walk, grocery shopping, taking a bath - whatever you need to do write it down and cross it off at the end of the day so you've unconsciously given yourself a pat on the back for being kickass. It might seem small but it helps me put a lot into perspective!

As I said, I’m still working on being a morning person but if I do one of these 6 tricks in the morning it tends to go A LOT smoother and I love starting my day off on a high note. Let me know what you think below!