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From an infant I have been eating WATERMELON like there was no tomorrow - in Greece I learned at a young age how to pick the ripest WATERMELON with the juiciest "heart" (aka the very center thats gorgeous,  red and sweet) - my yiayia (grandmother) and I would enjoy it on our porch in the village or by the beach as a snack.

I've incorporated WATERMELON into salads, cocktails & juices for as long as I can remember - so to start off this blog i'd like to provide you with the simplest of WATERMELON recipes!

WATERMELON Strawberry Mint Juice Mocktail:

(Serving size for 4)

  1. Four cups of freshly cut WATERMELON
  2. One cup of wild local strawberries
  3.  Three fresh sprigs of fresh mint
  4. Two scoops of Collagen Peptides (my favorites linked here & here)
  5. Blend on high in blender (my Vitamix on sale linked here)
  6. Pour over ice (or already blended and frozen WATERMELON ice cubes)
  7. Add sprig of fresh mint or WATERMELON slice for garnish
  8. For alcoholic cocktail - 
    1. Add 2 OZ of preferred liquor and shake
    2. Add a splash of La Croix Soda Water
  9. VOILA! 

Let me know what you think! Do you have any favorite juices or mocktails? I'd love to hear them!