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Let's Talk About Collagen Peptides!

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I’ve received some questions about Collagen Peptides and why I use them.  As you can see my hair doesn’t lack length, I’ve always had long hair, but since using collagen peptides it has grown at twice its rate, with strength shine and body. My nails not only grow at a crazy rate (I cut them twice a week), but they are stronger as well. My digestion is very regular and my mood is leveled (with the help of @Sunpotions Yin Power which I’ll get into next week!)

Collagen supports bone & joint & health as well as skin elasticity and it is a highly adaptable way to increase intake of highly digestible nutrient dense protein. Derived from gelatin, they dissolve easily in warm or cold water. Collagen peptides have many benefits including:

Skin health and rejuvenation; balanced hormones; bone and joint health; digestion and satiety to name a few! I use them in most recipes I share on here, as well as in soups, broths, morning Matcha (the list truly is endless)

My favorite brands include: Vital Proteins and Further Food Collagen 


Here are the benefits of Collagen and why I use them!


Collagen peptides support skin health & rejuvenation - when peptides are ingested  the peptides are attracted to cells that synthesize collagen in the body.  As well as increasing the density of collagen fibrils in the dermis which is said to improve strength of skin. In addition it helps promoting collagen formation, affecting hair, skin and nails, supports healthy glow, enhancing skin clarity, increasing the body moisture level & maintaining firm skin! 



Two scoops of Collagen Peptides provides 18 grams of protein - according to several studies the intake of collagen in your morning routine reduces your hunger by 40%, and lead to a 20% decrease in food intake by lunch time - meaning collagen peptides satiate our bodies with proper proteins. 



In addition the amino acids provided by collagen assist with soothing and preparing the digestive tract. 


Joint & Bone 

Promotes healthy cartilage, tendons, ligaments, increasing mobility. 



Collagen is shown to improve quality of sleep - sleep is one of the most important managers of stress, appetite control, and energy. 


Have you ever wondered or experiment with collagen peptides? 

Use code LANDOFPLEASANTEATING when purchasing from Further Food for a discount! 

I'd love to hear your experience!