better half 2.jpg

Who is your better half?

Mine is my girl Paloma

Wandering Austin, TX in 105 degree heat with 98% humidity may cause one to hallucinate and almost keel over - thank goodness I stumbled (literally) into Better Half  during one of those days and found myself surrounded by pink picnic tables, large shady trees, endless Paloma's & one of the most delicious breakfast sandwiches i've ever had the pleasure of tasting!

The Sandwich: English Muffin, packed with an over medium egg, a heap of smashed avocado, a hash-brown, arugula and a simple spicy aioli. 

Paloma: Rim dipped in chili powder & salt, Grapefruit juice, Lime juice, Dash of Simple syrup, spritz of soda water, plenty of Casamigo's tequila, and VOILA! 

Surrounded by art galleries, vintage shops and unique liquor stores - Better Half is definitely a recommended spot!