Everything in Moderation

My Food Journey


Hey there!

I'm Anastasia, Aka Land Of Pleasant Eating! 

If you follow my Instagram you've learned I'm a Baltimore native, raised partly in Greece, with a passion for dogs, wellness, food & my local community! I am a small business owner in the Baltimore area, more specifically a restauranteur, as well as an avid supporter of all small and local businesses!

My motivation for beginning this blog adventure was to express my culinary creativeness, as well as my knowledge and love of heath, wellness and moderation.  Eating is the most organic and natural thing you can do; every living organism on our planet has to feed itself. I wanted to see what could be done with the food that fueled me, what foods & combinations of ingredients I enjoyed, or my body enjoyed the most. Eating healthy and clean doesn't have to be dull and bland - the recipes on this blog display nutrient dense foods that are DELICIOUS (trust me)!  Healthy looks different for everyone and thats perfectly fine!

My Food Journey:

Growing up in a small village in Greece, part-time, taught me the importance of quality, organic, locally grown plants & meat.  Egg yolks were always bright orange, chickens were always plucked the same day, feta was made from the goat in our back yard, and on the occasion where we ate lamb, it was honored,  appreciated & raised on our land.  

Fast forward to living in America most of the year, I became accustomed to yellow egg yolks, translucent chicken in wet plastic bags, and aisles upon aisles of packaged meat products (sorry for the visuals). 

Around the age of fourteen I became a pescatarian because of my beliefs & how animals, even the ones we choose to eat, should be treated. Over the next ten or so years I refined my vegetarian recipes, learned a lot about my diet, which forced me to open my mind to unique ingredient combinations.

After College graduation I began writing down the recipes I had developed during my vegetarian experience, and to this day I eat mainly a plant-based diet - with the occasional protein when my body needs it. 

Bacon (GASP) is one of my favorite foods, I FREQUENTLY enjoy pizza from local restaurants, and will NEVER turn down a nice triple crème brie.

It is all about listening to your body – never yuck someone’s yum - maybe their body is craving that burger, or that smoothie.  Everything in moderation is key.

Welcome to my recipes, reviews & overall life of wellness and health!

My Food Goals

I try to purchase locally raised meats, local dairy and local produce whenever possible! I attempt to eat produce when seasonally available & try to only fuel my body on non-GMO and organic when I can - however local and organic can be difficult to find & expensive so I do as best as I can on a budget! Websites like Vitacost, Thrive Market, & Brandless help with keeping on track!